Monical's Pizza

Dining in Canton, Illinois

An Illinois Experience

If you want a real taste of Illinois, eating at Monical's Pizza is a must. Started in 1959 by the Monical Family in Tolono Illinois, it now has over 60 locations mostly located within the great state of Illinois. Monical's Pizza earned its place in the hearts of the community by not only delicious pizza, but a delightful atmosphere. Their menu varies slightly from location to location to personalize their pizza experience. Canton's Monical pizza is neither the first location of the franchise and certainly not the last, but it holds a special place in Canton. Many of it's residents claim that it is the best one yet.

Their cozy environment is complimented by their famous thin-crust and deep dish pizza. However, Monical's Pizza offers other delicious meals for all its patrons. Their starters include traditional bread sticks complimented by your choicer of nacho cheese, cheddar cheese and Marinara Sauce. Their wings are also a particular favorite for locals. Their salads come in both individual and family sizes with your choice of ham, chicken, and Bacon.

As far as meals go they serve sandwiches, pasta, and of course Pizza. Their sandwiches include the classic Canton Ham & Cheese, The Super Sub, and Hot Sicilian. Their pasta consist of one dish, their delicious cheese Tortellini. Their pizza list is extensive with at least 99 different pizza combinations. They offer Gluten free options for all of their pizzas as well as the traditional pan and thin-crust pizza. Their menu options and nutritional information can all be found online as well as it's address.

What makes Monical's Pizza in Canton so special is its amazing service. It strives its best to not only deliver food quickly, but to serve it with a smile. The staff is a part of the community and makes Monical's pizza part of the community experience.